Our Staff

We offer a dynamic team of staff that are available 24 hours a day to cater for the client's needs. The team involves both clinical (psychiatrists, nurses and addiction consellors) and non-clinical memebers (housekeeping, catering, security and administration) who have all undergone sensitivity training to manage this group of clients.

Why Karatina Rehabilitation Centre

Karatina Recovery Centre aims to successfully support clients to return to a happier, productive and prosperous life, free from the need to use alcohol and other mood-altering substances.

The facility has qualified staffs that are specially trained to care for people with substance abuse and related disorders that include but not limited to psychiatrists, nurses and addiction counsellors

Our Mision Statement

To provide evidence-based and compassionately delivered rehabilitation treatment programs.

Our Vision

To awaken potential and restore hope in individuals suffering from substance abuse and addiction